Biara Anakhita (Anakhita´s Temple)

A place/dojo to go within and find yourself.

- for better health

- find your path in life and have the courage to follow your heart

- learn to understand your life

through continuous training and a positive mind....patience you will get with time.

Me, Angelina Awal am the instructor and I started to train 1990 at An´s Taichi and Qigong Academy in Stockholm. In 1996 I started my own business, MM Biara, which later became Biara Anakhita. I have been training ever since...

Before I had injures that didn not heal and with Taichi and Qigong and of course my teacher Dr. An, I was healed.

The continuous training has helped me alot in many ways in my life and still does, that is why I want to share this training with others.

I have been teaching since november 1995 and I hope until forever...

With Taichi and Qigong you train your body, mind and spirit.

I also give intuitive treatments.

With respect,



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